New book release by editor Frane Adam

In 2017 a new book is released by IRSA colleagues: Slovenia: Social, Economic and Environmental Issues from Nova Publishers (US).

The book analyses the characteristics and outcomes of the transition process in Slovenia, a relatively young and independent country, from different perspectives. It presents its main achievements as well as its current dilemmas and challenges, among them the causes for systemic dysfunctions, political instability and weak social integration. It is a collection of readings from various scientific disciplines and professions, as well as from different generations of researchers. The approach to the analysis is multidisciplinary and comparative. It combines the fields of sociology, history, geography, political science, law, economics, environmental studies as well as their subfields and intersections. It is an interdisciplinary work in the true sense of the word, based on previous studies and discussions of the status and trends of social development in Slovenia.

The authors of the book are: Frane Adam, Matjaž Klemenčič, Jernej Zupančič, Matevž Tomšič, Alenka Kuhelj, Bojan Bugarič, Matej Avbelj, Igor Bahovec, Peter Rožič, Gorazd Justinek, Jorg Kristijan Petrovič, Gorazd Kovačič, Darka Podmenik, Angelca Ivančič, Andreja Trdina, Katja Vintar Mally, Dušan Plut, Pavel Gantar, Dane Podmenik and Simon Kerma.

Link to publisher's website.