IRSA presents the new volume of Slovenian studies at THL

On 19 June 2017, institute IRSA presents the newly published scientific volume, titled Slovenia: Social, Economic and Environmental Issues in Trubar Literature House

This volume was published in 2017 by a New York-based publisher Nova Science Publisher and has already received some positive reviews:

For anyone interested in the recent politics of Slovenia, this interdisciplinary volume is an excellent introduction. Frane Adam should be praised for bringing together such a high profile and respected group of authors."

Simon Lightfoot, University of Leeds

"[Slovenia] is experiencing its biggest economic and political crisis since its independence in 1991. Why and how did it happen? The volume, as its leit motif, gives a clear answer to this question."

Ivan T. Berend, University of California Los Angeles


The presentation and consequent discussion was led by the editor, Frane Adam, PhD, as well as certain authors of the volume's articles - on the picture from the left: Gorazd Kovačič, PhD, (FF); Igor Bahovec, PhD, (TEOF); Frane Adam, PhD, (IRSA), Matevž Tomšič, PhD, (FUDŠ); dr. Franc Mali, PhD, (FDV); and Pavel Gantar, PhD.