Citizen Science Pilot Experiment in High Schools

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Frane Adam je objavil nov članek v spletni izdaji revije IIASS (Innovative Issues and Approaches in Social Sciences)

z naslovom Citizen Science Pilot Experiment in High School. Članek predstavlja ugotovitve nedavne raziskave, ki je potekala na

petih gimnazijah v Ljubljani. Članek je na voljo na tej povezavi.

Sestanek partnerskih organizacij za projekt STEM4YOUTH

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IRSA se je udeležila 5. konzorcijskega sestanka partnerskih organizacij projekta STEM4YOUTH (Obzorja 2020) v Kantabriji. Sestanek je potekal 7. in 8.6.2018.

Iščemo novega sodelavca

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IRSA v 2018 razpisuje delovno mesto za mladega raziskovalca v sklopu raziskovalnega programa Sociokulturni in organizacijski vidiki prenosa znanja in tehnologije.


Round Table: What kind of state do we wish for?

IRSA's director Frane Adam participated in the public round table entitled What Kind of the State do we wish for?
organized by Nova Revija Institute of Humanist Studies. The event took place on 21 March 2018 at Hotel Central.

IRSA publishes in a Collection of Readings published by Inštitut Nove revije

The Nova revija Institute, Institute for Humanistics, recently published a collection of readings entitled Spoprijem z razmerami in razmerji v Sloveniji (2017) (Coping with Conditions and Relations in Slovenia). Involved are articles from the director of IRSA Frane Adam entitled Communication Blockade and the Culture of Intellectual Discussion, and from the higher scientific collaborator Darka Podmenik entitled The Anomy of (Slovenian) higher-education system.

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The Institute for Developmental and Strategic Analysis ('IRSA') is a private, non-profit research institution, oriented to the academic research as well as to the policy relevant studies specific for the "think-tank" organizations.

IRSA was founded in Ljubljana on 20 December 2004. It was established as a small and mobile research unit oriented to perform basic, applied projects and expertise in certain fields of social sciences and (partially) the humanities.

IRSA seeks to include young, promising and ambitious researchers in its work and helps them develop into social science researchers with an interdisciplinary scientific vocation. IRSA is oriented towards the international academic environment and includes in its projects and publications social scientists from other countries. Apart from being present in the international scientific community, members of the Institute are also present in local (national) research and cultural space where they advocate an open (knowledge-based) society and public discussion of actual aspects and problems of social development and civil society.