In the time from November, 28. to November 30, the workshop for the members of program and project gruop at iRSA took place in Ljubljana. The main topic was Globalisation and Meritocracy, with the accent on four cases China, Sweden, Romania and Slovenia, a detailed workshop program can be viewed here. Individual presentations can be viewed by clicking on the authors' names:  dr. Frane Adam, dr. Hans Westlund, dr. Matej Makarovič, dr. Tea Golob in Maruša Gorišek, dr. Victor Cepoi;

Meritocracy and knowledge society-between simulation and reality

In October 2019, we began the implementation of the research project "Meritocracy and the Knowledge Society - Between Simulation and Reality". The main question that will be addressed in the proposed research project is the following: what is the significance, scope and limitation of the meritocratic allocation of human resources in a (emerging) knowledge-based society and economy.


IRSA išče nove sodelavce

Inštitut za razvojne in strateške analize išče nove sodelavce za sodelovanje v programski skupini in pri temeljnem projektu.


Meeting of the State Council Committee

Director of the Institute IRSA Frane Adam PhD participated on 10th Meeting of the State Council Committee for culture, science, education and sport.


Round table on the role of social sciences

On March 14th (Thursday), a round table on the erosion of the importance and (future) role of social sciences took place at the premises of Institute IRSA.




1. Research programme: Socio-cultural and organisational aspects of knowledge and technology transfer

Time frame: 2015 - 2020

Funded by: Slovenian Research Agency

Program group leader: Frane Adam PhD ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Program members (in 2017): Igor Bahovec PhD, Hans Westlund PhD, Andreja Trdina PhD, Angela Ivančič PhD, and Nick Vovk.