IRSA izvedla anketiranje na temo ekologije na gimnaziji v Ivančni Gorici

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V sodelovanju z gimnazijo Josipa Jurčiča iz Ivančne Gorice je IRSA izvedla anketiranje dijakov in dijakinj. Tema raziskave je bilo zanimanje mladih za ekologijo in okoljevarstvo. Aktivnosti so potekale v decembru 2017.



Okrogla miza Kakšno državo hočemo?

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Direktor IRSe red. prof. dr. Frane Adam se je na vabilo Inštituta Nove Revije udeležil javne razprave, ki je potekala na temo "Kakšno državo hočemo?"


IRSA izvedla anketiranje o ekologiji na gimnaziji

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IRSA je imela 27.2.2018 srečanje z dijaki in dijakinjami z gimnazije Vič.



IRSA izvedla Citizen Science Experiment na gimnaziji v Ljubljani

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IRSA je imela 23.3.2018 srečanje z dijaki in dijakinjami z gimnazije Jožeta Plečnika.



IRSA publishes in a Collection of Readings published by Inštitut Nove revije

The Nova revija Institute, Institute for Humanistics, recently published a collection of readings entitled Spoprijem z razmerami in razmerji v Sloveniji (2017) (Coping with Conditions and Relations in Slovenia). Involved are articles from the director of IRSA Frane Adam entitled Communication Blockade and the Culture of Intellectual Discussion, and from the higher scientific collaborator Darka Podmenik entitled The Anomy of (Slovenian) higher-education system.

More info:


Frane Adam (editor): Slovenia: Social, Economic and Environmental Issues. Nova Publisher, New York, 2016. (link to publisher)

Frane Adam: Research policy and dilemmas of evaluation in science. IRSA, Ljubljana, 2015.

Frane Adam (editor): About the state and prospects of social entrepreneurship in Slovenia and Croatia. IRSA, Ljubljana, 2015. (link to e-publication)

Frane Adam, Uroš Gojkovič, Ana Hafner, Toni Pustovrh, Jožica Zajc: High-tech companies – the impact of organisational culture and social networks on knowledge transfer, 2. revisited edition. IRSA, Ljubljana, 2014.

This book - the first of this kind in our country - is dedicated to small and medium-sized high-tech companies, their organizational/business culture and way of communication and network density by setting up with other companies, universities, institutes, various funders and investors both at home and abroad. In this context, the authors of the book are studying forms of transfer and circulation of knowledge and the process of diffusion of innovation and new ideas.

Frane Adam: Measuring national innovation performance: the Innovation Union Scoreboard revisited. (Springer Briefs in economics), Heidelberg, Ljubljana, 2014

This book provides a critical inquiry into methodological positions and selections of indicators in the context of the Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS) as the main tool used by the European Commission and other policymaking bodies to monitor the state of and trends in national innovation capacity.

Darka Podmenik: Kako do ustrezne zaposlitve? Diplomanti v času družbene krize. IRSA, Ljubljana, 2013

This book is aimed to those readers, especially the young people who would like to learn more about the current developments that make it difficult to find proper job.The book is the result of almost 10 years long study of Slovene graduates` transition to employment, as well as a European graduates’ employment research project.

Frane Adam, Hans Westlund (editors): Innovation in Socio-Cultural Context. Routledge, New York, 2013.

This book focuses on the rule of social capital in the process of innovation: the social networks and the norms; values and attitudes (such as trust) of the actors; social capital as both bonding and bridging links between actors; and social capital as a feature at all spatial levels, from the single inventor to the transnational corporation. Contributors from a wide variety of countries and disciplines explore the cultural framework of innovation through empirics, case studies and examination of conceptual and methodological dilemmas.