New article on meritocracy

Frane Adam, PhD and Maruša Gorišek wrote a new article entitled Meritocracy - between myth, norm and reality



Correspondence discussion of IRSA associates

Associates of the IRSA institute held a correspondence discussions on alternatives and the current political and epidemiological crisis. The discussion is available here (in Slovenian).


Researching social context of ccovid-19 epidemic

new publication of dr. Frane Adam (in Slovenian): link

New publication of the institute associates

Darka Podmenik, PhD, external associate at the IRSA institute and Maruša Gorišek, young researcher, published an article in the journal Research in Social Change titled Is youth unemployment in EU countries structural?


Dr. Frane Adam published a new book

Dr. Frane Adam published a new book at the Institute for developmental and strategic analysis, titled

Between meritocracy and populism

On the cacophony of data in the postfactual society

(Second, edited edition)


Research Profile and Topics

The Institute for Developmental and Strategic Analysis (IRSA) is a private, non-profit research institution, primarily centered on social sciences. In addition to purely theoretical research (inter - and trans-disciplinary based but with strong sociological background), IRSA has developed a specific thematic and methodological research profile. The emphasis is on a multi-level and holistic orientation backed by the use of quantitative as well as qualitative methods and data (triangulation) including meta-analysis and case studies in comparative, cross-national context. Recently, there is an emphasis on empirical studying of socio-cultural factors of developmental/innovation and institutional performance. Besides that we are opening a new field of research regarding the role of meritocratic principles and the meaning of the experts in the political decision-making. The emphasis of the last year was given to the social context of covid-19 epidemic with the accent on relation and communication between government and expert bodies.