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F Adam – Družboslovne razprave, Let. 10,št. 15/16. 1994 COBISS.SI-ID 511325

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PublisherBerlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 2009
COBISS.SI - ID    1024140609

M Makarovič, M Tomšič

‘Left’ and ‘Right’ in Slovenian Political Life and Public Discourse, book chapter in Reforming Europe, C Arvanitopoulos (ed.); Many analysts denounce the division of modern political space into Left and Right and the corresponding designation of political parties with these labels as obsolete on that grounds that these ideologies have lost their relevance.

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PublisherScrîpvaz, 1997

S Pickel, J Jacobs

'Wie demokratisch sind etablierte und neuere Demokratien und wie entwickeln sie sich? Das ist die Frage, die im Rahmen dieser Publikation im Mittelpunkt der einzelnen, unterschiedlichen Sichtweisen steht. Können die Prinzipien und Indikatoren, anhand derer die vergleichende Demokratieforschung die Qualität demokratischer Systeme über die verschiedenen politischen Kulturen und Zivilisationen der Welt hinweg evaluiert, universelle Gültigkeit beanspruchen? Oder gründen diese Vergleichsmaßstäbe auf demokratietheoretischen Prämissen, deren Verbindlichkeit selbst innerhalb der 'Kultur des Westens' variiert? Welche Entwicklungen nehmen gerade neuere Demokratien (wie z.B. in Osteuropa) in der jüngeren Geschichte? Zu allen diesen Fragen haben Demokratietheoretiker/innen wie empirisch arbeitende Demokratieforscher/innen versucht Antworten zu finden. Theoretische Grundüberlegungen, deskriptive Methodik und inhaltlich vertiefende empirische Analysen sind die Merkmale dieser Antworten in Form gesammelter Artikel, die vor allem komparatistisch angelegt sind.' (Autorenreferat).
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PublisherIndiana University Press, 2011
ISBN0253223199, 9780253223197

N J Molle

Psychological harassment at work, or "mobbing," has become a significant public policy issue in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Mobbing has given rise to specialized counseling clinics, a new field of professional expertise, and new labor laws. For Noelle J. Molé, mobbing is a manifestation of Italy's rapid transition from a highly protectionist to a market-oriented labor regime and a neoliberal state. She analyzes the classification of mobbing as a work-related illness, the deployment of preventive public health programs, the relation of mobbing to gendered work practices, and workers' use of the concept of mobbing to make legal and medical claims, with implications for state policy, labor contracts, and political movements. For many Italian workers, mobbing embodies the social and psychological effects of an economy and a state in transition.
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PublisherAshgate Publishing, Ltd., 2003
ISBN075463633X, 9780754636335
COBISS.SI - ID    485086

A Verbole

New directions in rural tourism, D R Hall, L Roberts, M Mitchell (ed.); Chapter 11 Networking and Partnership Building for Rural Tourism Development. Rural tourism development is more than just a planned process. Although there has been an increasing interest in rural tourism in terms of research, training and teaching in recent years, its conceptualization and the relationships between concept and strategy are still poorly represented and not well understood. The need for such a critical understanding is particularly crucial as rural areas experience rapid change, and as tourism is viewed as a key element of development and regeneration. This volume provides an interdisciplinary approach to new directions in rural tourism, drawing on the latest conceptual thinking and evolving strategic roles.

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PublisherLIT Verlag Münster, 2007
ISBN3825896587, 9783825896584
COBISS.SI - ID    25966941

M Tomšič, U Vehovar

Social capital and governance, Frane Adam (ed.)
The book focuses on some key aspects of social capital in the context of civic participation, governance and civil society at both national and European Union (EU) levels. The role of new EU members is particularly stressed. The texts demonstrate how social capital in the form of cooperative norms and actions facilitates the self-organisation of civil society and its internal ability to articulate policy relevant alternative proposals. The efficiency and responsiveness of governance at different local, national, and transnational levels are also addressed.

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PublisherTexas A&M University Press, 2006
ISBN1585444235, 9781585444236
COBISS.SI - ID    32006754

R Rizman

Subject: Politics and government, Post-communism, History & Theory, Political Process, Political Ideologies - Democracy, Slovenia Politics and government 1990 - ,
Post-communism in Slovenia.
In this case study of the politics of transition in Eastern Europe, Rudolf Martin Rizman provides a careful, detailed sociological explanation and narrative on the emergence of independent statehood and democracy in Slovenia. In his focus on the transition from an authoritarian to a democratic regime, Rizman analyzes social processes and political issues in the context of the Third Wave of democratization, identifying "zones of certainty and uncertainty."
Eugenia and Hugh M. Stewart '26 Series on Eastern Europe.

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