Completed projects

Public order: Evaluation of the Knowledge and Skills Model of Competences and Training and Education in Slovenian Judiciary System

Time frame: 2023

Funded by: Ministry of Justice

Group leader: Maruša Gorišek, PhD

Group members: Frane Adam, PhD; Jernej Letnar Černič, PhD

Targeted research project: Analysis of effectiveness of management of epidemics in Slovenia – International comparison and interdisciplinary approach

Time frame: 2021 – 2023

Financers and contracting authorities: Ministry of Health and Public Research Agency (ARRS)

Project group leader: Frane Adam PhD (

Program members (in 2021): Frane Adam PhD, Pia Vračko MSc, Mitja Vrdelja, Igor Bahovec PhD, Maruša Gorišek PhD, Blaž Bajec. 

External Associates: Darka Podmenik PhD and Emanuela Kristan. 

Final report of the project – Published monograph (slovene)

Public order: Organic food market analysis

Time frame: 2021 – 2022

Funded by: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food

Contact person: Dane Podmenik (

Small project: Active Citizenship in times of (post) Covid-19

Time frame: October 2021 – March 2022

Funded by: U. S. Embassy in Ljubljana

Project coordinator: Maruša Gorišek PhD (

Cooperating: Frane Adam PhD, Blaž Bajec

Citizen Science report

Basic research project: Meritocracy and knowledge society – between simulation and reality

Time frame: 2019-2021

Funded by: Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)

Project group leader: Frane Adam PhD (

Researchers: Igor Bahovec PhD, Hans Westlund PhD, Mateja Rek PhD, Maruša Gorišek

Project in cooperation with Institute Nova Revija.

Public order: Qualitative research on pension gap between men and women

Time frame: January-June 2020

Funded by: Ministry of work, family, social affairs and equal opportunities in the framework of the European project My Work.My Pension

Cooperating: Frane Adam, PhD, Igor Bahovec, PhD, Darka Podmenik, PhD, Emanuela Kristan, Maruša Gorišek, Dane Podmenik

STEM4youth – Promotion of STEM education by key scientific challenges and their impact on our life and career perspectives

Time frame: 2016 – 2018

Funded by: HORIZON 2020

Project group leader: Frane Adam PhD (

Project manager and contact person: Nick Vovk ( )

The project consortium consists of Insitute IRSA and 9 other partners: Warsaw University of Technology (PL) – Coordinator, Eugenides Foundation (GR), Jozef Stefan Institute – Center for technology transfer and innovation (SI), Fondazione Umberto Veronesi (IT), Research Path (GR), Technicka Univerzita Ostrava – Centrum podpory inovaci (CZ), University of Barcelona (ES), University of Cantabria (ES), Open Evidence (ES)

Pioneers: Citizen Science Experiment in High School

Time frame: 2017

Funded by: U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana

Project group leader: Frane Adam PhD (

Project manager and contact person: Nick Vovk ( )

ETHOS – Exploiting the organisational conflicts in business environment

Timeframe: 2014 – 2016

Funded by: ERASMUS +, KA2/European Union

Project leader on IRSA: Frane Adam PhD (

Researchers: Dane Podmenik and Nick Vovk

External associates: Darka Podmenik PhD, Katja Begelj

The project consortium consists of: IRSA institute and 7 other organizations: Centro Psicopedagogico per la pace e la gestione dei conflitti (IT), Geneseg – podjetje (IRSKA), Institute for training of personnel in international organizations (BG), Provincia di Perugia (IT), TIBER UMBRIA COMETT EDUCATION PROGRAMME (IT), WSX Enterprise Limited (UK), Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu (PL)

UCCROWD – Universities-Companies Crowdsourcing

Timeframe: 2013 – 2015

Funded by: EU, Life Long Learning Programme; Erasmus Multilateral Project.

Project leader on IRSA: . Darka Podmenik PhD (

Project member: Ivana Čančar (external associate), Katja Begelj.

The project is coordinated by ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon and involves organizations from United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria

Project website:

Project report: UC-CROWD: nacionalno poročilo

INOVALOCA – Promoting new forms of entrepreneurship by strengthening the innovative use of local resources (December 2013 – June 2015) (2009-2014)

Timeframe: 2013 – 2015

Funded by: IPA Programme – crossborder cooperation programme SLO-CRO.

Project leader on IRSA: Frane Adam PhD (

Project members: Uroš Gojkovič as well as Dane Podmenik, Tomaž Stritar and mag. Dario Berginc (external collaborators).

The project is coordinated by MOZAIK – Society for Social Inclusion

Results of the project: published scientific monograph: About the state and prospects of social entrepreneurship in Slovenia and Croatia, IRSA

Information about project – more

Research programme (2009-2014): Socio-cultural and organisational aspects of knowledge and technology transfer

Timeframe: 2009 – 2014

Program Group leader: Frane Adam PhD (

Program members (in 2014): Angelca Ivančič PhD, Igor Bahovec PhD, Hans Westlund PhD, Anna Gasior – Niemiec PhD and Uroš Gojkovič (young researcher and PhD candidate)

Used literature and empirical data – more

Results of the research programme: Final report

INO-13-14 project in support of the national innovation system between 2013 and 2014

Funded by: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenia.

Head of the research project: Ana Hafner PhD (

A project partnership with innovator center ASI (coordinating institution), The Institute for Innovation and Technology (Korona plus d.o.o.), Londinium d.o.o., Rotunda Centre, Koper.

CONTEST – Community Experiments Trough the Exploitation of Social Conflicts

TimeFrame: 2013 – 2014

Funded by: EU, Life Long Learning Programme: Grundvig Multilateral Project

Project members: Igor Bahovec PhD, Darka Podmenik PhD, Ivana Čančar PhD and, Nick Vovk

The project is coordinated by Tucepi – Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme and involves organizations from Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria

Project website:

Project report:  Mapping conflicts: nacional report

Basic research project: INNOVATIONS – Cognitive mobilization and  innovation capacity – comparison of old and new EU member states

Timeframe: 2011 – 2014

Funded by: Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)

Head of the research project: Frane Adam PhD

Project members: Hans Westlund PhD, Alja Adam PhD, Ana Hafner, Toni Pustovrh PhD, Jožica Zajc PhD

Results of the project: Final report

INO-11: project of support to national system of innovation.

Funds providers: Slovenian Technology Agency and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology . Project partnership with Innovators Association (ASI), Pevc Ltd. and Sistem VVE Ltd.

Project leader: Darka Podmenik PhD

Project members: Alja Adam PhD, Frane Adam PhD, Janez Berdavs, Angelca Ivančič PhD, Andrej Grah Whatmough

INO-10: research project in partnership with ASI (Association of active innovators): Performance of individual innovators in Slovenia

Funded by National Agency for Technology (TIA).

Final report

Local and regional development cores – Applied research project.

Timeframe: 2008 – 2010

Project leader: Frane Adam, PhD

Partner: Faculty of Applied Social Studies, Nova Gorica.

Funded by: Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) and Slovenian Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy.

The results of the project were published in a monograph Inovative cores in regional development (Vega, 2010).

Final report

Value and World-view orientation of Slovenian printed media. Targeted research project in collaboration with the Science and Research Centre, University of Primorska (Koper)

Concluded in 2008.

Project leader: Frane Adam, PhD.

Comissioned by: Ministry of Culture and Slovenian Research Agency.

Concluded The report was published in: Adam Frane and Peter Sekloča: Dilemmas of media pluralism,IRSA, Ljubljana, 2009.

Results of the project: Final report

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