The book, entitled Analysis of effectiveness of management of epidemics in Slovenia – International comparison and interdisciplinary approach, was edited by Frane Adam and was written within the Targeted Research Project with the same name, which took place between 2021 and 2023 at the IRSA Institute.

The volume includes contributions from an interdisciplinary team of project collaborators and aims to reconstruct and reflect on, analyse and explain the course of social, epidemiological, health and political developments during the epidemic. Based on the results obtained, it aims to evaluate the impact of the measures taken to contain the spread of the virus and their consequences, both for the implementers and the affected stakeholders. Starting from a thematic interdisciplinary perspective, the project and the publication are conceived in an international comparative and relational way, which means that they highlight the relationships between key actors in the pandemic – mainly between the (health) experts and politics, but also towards most affected stakeholders, such as the family and young people.

The proceedings include contributions by Dr Frane Adam, Dr Darka Podmenik, Dr Maruša Gorišek, Mitja Vrdelja MSc, Blaž Bajec MSc, and Anja Pogladič MSc.

The proceedings are also accompanied by a discussion of the project team members that took place during the project and provides insight into the research process during the project.

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