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PublisherWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego, 2006
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K Zuba

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PublisherRoutledge, 2012
ISBN978-0-415-68084-4, 978-0-203-11660-9
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D Ó Beacháin, V Sheridan, S Stan, eds.

This book examines how membership of the European Union has affected life in the ten former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe that are now members of the European Union. It attempts to answer some fundamental questions: Was the reward of EU membership worth the sacrifices made? How have the new member states fared? Has the promise of EU membership, on which so many expectations were based, been realised? Or have the new member states traded a Socialist Commonwealth with Moscow pulling the strings for an over-centralised Brussels bureaucracy that lacks transparency and accountability? How has a shared communist past influenced the countries’ post-socialist and post-accession trajectory? How have the populations of post-communist Europe fared? Have some done better than others? Are these divergences confined to the political, economic or social spheres, or to more than one? If there have been disappointments, how have the populations reacted to these?

By taking stock of debates within domestic elites, popular opinion, non-governmental organisations, civil society, and external actors, this book seeks to answer these crucial questions.

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ZPublisherTexas A&M University Press, 2006
ISBN1585444235, 9781585444236
COBISS.SI - ID32006754

R Rizman

Subject: Politics and government, Post-communism, History & Theory, Political Process, Political Ideologies - Democracy, Slovenia Politics and government 1990 - ,
Post-communism in Slovenia.
Eugenia and Hugh M. Stewart '26 Series on Eastern Europe

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PublisherWaxmann Verlag, 2010
ISBN3830923791, 9783830923794

D Gronold

The book focuses on identity and belonging of young Slovene adults and their definition of belonging outside or beyond the nation state.

Related to this, “Identity Matters” critically reflects upon the sense of Europeanness offered by the European Union and is supportive of a concept that transgresses the modern condition of the nation state. The theoretical line of argument does not suggest burying the nation state as a concept, but rather to outline the competitive field of identity providers and reflect upon the implications for people’s lives and communities.

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PublisherLIT Verlag Münster, 2010
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COBISS.SI - ID29301853

I Bernik

Internationale Dilemmata und europäische Visionen, M Sieg, H Timmermann (ed.).
The dynamics of the Slovenian political landscape in the last thirty years The post-socialist transformation in Slovenia has been almost unanimously termed as “transplacement”.

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PublisherVS Verlag, 2003
ISBN3810034827, 9783810034823

M Brusis

Bürgerschaft, Öffentlichkeit und Demokratie in Europa, A Klein (ed.)
Ziel dieses Beitrags1 ist es, die Voraussetzungen bzw. Erfolgsfaktoren der Fusion nationaler und europäischer Identitätskonstrukte im Kontext der Osterweiterung der Europäischen Union herauszuarbeiten.

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PublisherLongo, 2006
ISBN8880635182, 9788880635185
COBISS.SI - ID32723298

R Rizman

Questo volume intende fornire una spiegazione sociologica per la nascita dello stato indipendente e della democrazia in Slovenia in seguito al crollo del regime comunista e nel contesto globale dela terza ondata di demozrazzione (1974 - 1990).

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