Red. prof. dr. Matej Makarovič

Doctor of Sociology, researcher at the IRSA Insitute, and full professor at the Faculty of Social Studies and at the Faculty of Information Studies. He is also a president of the National Committee for Social Change Management (MOST) at the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO (since 2012), and a co-president of the Research Network 36 (Sociology of Transformation) within the European Sociological Union. He was a guest-researcher at the Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland), and at the University of Nevada, Reno and Hawaii Pacific in the USA. He was a guest-lecturer at the University of Cincinnati (USA), American University in Beirut (Libanon), University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA) and Metropolitan University (Czech Republic).

He is a former member of the Strategic Council for Culture, Education and Science of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (from 2005-2008), former member of the Management Board of the Slovenian Research Agency (2005-2009), and a member of the Evaluation Council and the Commission for Social Sciences, Business and Law at the Council of the Republic of Slovenia for higher education. In 2008-2012, he was a member of Graduation Commission for Sociology.

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