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F Adam, M Makarovič – Social Sciences in Southeastern Europe, N Genov, U Becker, Berlin: Social Science Information Center, 2001 COBISS.SI-ID 20441693

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PublisherNomos Verlagsgesellshaft, 2012

B Hönig

Since the very beginnings of the discipline, sociology has mostly been dealing with deep societalchanges, transitions and transformations in those societies, for which sociology was also held to be itsscience. Current political and economic integration, legal and cultural processes within the EuropeanUnion provide sociology with enough impulses to reconsider its knowledge claims. However, it is notquite clear whether a common vision of sociology already is a matter of fact or a kind of future prospectfor efforts in the neighbouring countries Slovenia and Austria, geographically located in the heart of theEuropean Union.

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PublisherTaylor and Francis, 2010
ISBN0415548233, 9780415548236

A Kramberger, F Mali

Internationalisation of Social Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe explores the way in which social sciences, in comparison with other sciences in Europe, have been divided by the political orders of West and East. As part of the field of science policies in Europe, this book contributes to the creation of a new understanding of the European academic landscape of social sciences with particular focus on CEE countries.In its investigation of the emergence of social sciences in Central and Eastern Europe following the collapse of the totalitarian systems, this book discusses how the internationalisation of the social sciences and the convergence between Western and Eastern social scientific life is hindered by factors including funding, academic contacts, and curriculum development. The issues addressed within the text serve to prompt the realisation that coherence in European social sciences can be reached only if new academic traditions and cultures are developed, and science policies harmonised.

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PublisherPraeger, 2003
ISBN0313318026, 9780313318023
COBISS.SI - ID22014045

M F Keen, J Mucha

In this unique collection, more than 20 sociologists assembled from across Central and Eastern Europe chronicle the impact political transformation has had upon sociology during the last decade of the 20th century. Contributors investigate the general patterns this process has taken across the region, as well as the differences from one country to the next. Also examined is the extent to which sociology has contributed to or participated in the transformation, i.e., helped the societies of Central and Eastern Europe identify, understand, and respond to the challenges and opportunities offered by it.

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