The two-year research project Meritocracy and the Knowledge Society – Between Simulation and Reality ended with a thematic discussion on meritocracy (in the series Conditions on Relationships in Slovenia), organized by IRSA and INR (Inštitut Nove Revije) on 29 June 2021 in Slovenska matica. It was attended by members of both participating research institutes, IRSA and INR: dr. Frane Adam, Maruša Gorišek, Ph.D. Matej Makarovič, Ph.D. Darka Podmenik, Blaž Bajec, Ph.D. Bernard Nežmah (moderator) and non-members dr. Janez Šušteršič, Ph.D. Matevž Tomšič and dr. Marko Novak.

The starting point for the discussion was the article by dr. F. Adam and M. Gorišek Meritocracy – between myth, norm and reality, but also some of the main topics discussed during the project since October 2019. There was talk of connecting meritocracy only with formal education and certificates, or with professional competencies, autonomy and scientific ethics, or both; on the impact of bureaucratic, political-ideological and business interests on the transformation of meritocratic principles into “simulated meritocracy” and on the differences between meritocratic allocations of human resources in the private and public sectors.

Special emphasis was placed on the current social situation marked by the more than a year-long covid pandemic 19 and its consequences for the (un)meritocratic management of individual social sectors in Slovenia and the EU.

You can watch the full discussion in the video via the link.

The article by dr. Frane Adam and Maruša Gorišek can be reached via the link.

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