Transition elites: catalysts of social innovation or rent-seekers?

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ADAM, F, TOMŠIČ, M. In: KRAMBERGER, A. (ed.). Mechanisms of social differentiation in Slovenia, Družboslovne razprave, Let. 16, št. 32. [COBISS.SI-ID 20049245]

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PublisherOldcastle Books, 2010
ISBN1842434306, 9781842434307

L Marc

Five years have passed since ten countries from Central & Eastern Europe joined the European Union and twenty years since the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989 - but ignorance about what is popularly still called Eastern Europe is as widespread as ever. Slovenia still gets mixed up with Slovakia, the Slavs remain a mystery in a Europe apparently dominated by Romanic and Germanic nations and a country like the Czech Republic is labelled as Eastern European, although one needs to travel west to get from Vienna to Prague.

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PublisherPraeger, 2003
ISBN0313318026, 9780313318023
COBISS.SI - ID    22014045

M F Keen, J Mucha

In this unique collection, more than 20 sociologists assembled from across Central and Eastern Europe chronicle the impact political transformation has had upon sociology during the last decade of the 20th century. Contributors investigate the general patterns this process has taken across the region, as well as the differences from one country to the next. Also examined is the extent to which sociology has contributed to or participated in the transformation, i.e., helped the societies of Central and Eastern Europe identify, understand, and respond to the challenges and opportunities offered by it.

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