Institute IRSA organized a workshop titled: Long-term unemplyoment of (higher educated) young people - an indicator of social crisis?

The even was prepared and moderated by dr. Darka Podmenik, external associate of IRSA


Participants: Frane Adam, Matej Makarovič, Matevž Tomšič. Igor Bahovec, Tea Golob, Emanuela Kristan, Maruša Gorišek, Katarina Arzenšek

After the presentation of the problematic, the workshop took part in three groups, commenting and giving critical comments on three basic dilemmas:

- Can we indicate social crisis with structural youth unemployment?

- Is the data, with which the hypothesis is documented, valid and credible?

- What is happening with the young generation, entering the fluid and flexible work positions and relationships?

More in the presentation HERE.