Darka Podmenik, PhD, external associate at the IRSA institute and Maruša Gorišek, young researcher, published an article in the journal Research in Social Change titled Is youth unemployment in EU countries structural?




Dr. Darka Podmenik, Maruša Gorišek, mag. (Institute for developmental and strategic analysis)

This paper’s main aim is to observe and confirm youth unemployment as a structural phenomenon in certain EU countries, including Slovenia. An innovative contribution is that it complements the prevailing economistic discourse with a sociological one. In the introduction, a brief history and overview of youth unemployment is presented. Slovenia is only briefly mentioned as having one of the relatively longest-lasting youth unemployment rates in the EU. In sections 2 and 3, approaches from economics and sociology are relied on while discussing three ‘types’ of EU countries with regard to different structural unemployment rates. From a sociological view, the long-term nature of youth unemployment is described, together with its impact on the social structure and (possible) socially destructive and economically destabilizing consequences. In section 4, analysis of “every-day life” indicators, namely, young people’s perceptions of work and life, reveals some surprising facts that depart from previous findings. In short: young people are more satisfied with their work and lives than older generations.

RSC Volume 12, Issue 2, May 2020 (p. 80) http://www.fuds.si/sites/default/files/priloge-aktualnosti/rsc_volume_12_issue_2_may_2020-darka_podmenik_in_marusa_gorisek-80-105_1.pdf