New media article Are we "governed" by knowledge elites?

Published article by Darka Podmenik, PhD on thematic discussion on meritocracy in Reporter magazine, 26 July, 2021.


Basic research project Meritocracy and knowledge society - between simulation and reality concluded

Baisc research project Meritocracy and knowledge society - between simulation and reality lasting for two years concluded with a thematic discussion on meritocracy (the series Relations and relationships in Slovenia) organized by IRSA and INR in the hall of Slovenska matica on 29 June 2021.


New article on meritocracy

Frane Adam, PhD and Maruša Gorišek wrote a new article entitled Meritocracy - between myth, norm and reality



Correspondence discussion of IRSA associates

Associates of the IRSA institute held a correspondence discussions on alternatives and the current political and epidemiological crisis. The discussion is available here (in Slovenian).


Researching social context of ccovid-19 epidemic

new publication of dr. Frane Adam (in Slovenian): link

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