Introduction : the meaning and importance of socio-cultural context for innovation performance

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Adam, F. in Westlund, H., V: ADAM, Frane (ur.), WESTLUND, Hans (ur.). Innovation in socio-cultural context, (Routledge advances in sociology, 84). New York; London: Routledge, 2013, COBISS.SI-ID 31831645

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PublisherAshgate Publishing Company, 2014

M Fuchs

Putting forward a comprehensive view of knowledge with a specific perspective on place and space, this book provides a new perspective on the globalisation of knowledge. Crossing disciplinary boundaries, the principal agenda of this volume is to open up a perspective ‘beyond knowledge’ - i.e. beyond the interpretation of knowledge as scientific-technical knowledge. Author Martina Fuchs introduces further kinds of knowledge and interpretation which influence managements’ perception of globalisation and therefore the knowledge which is going global. She refers to knowledge in the sense of experiences, competencies in the production and labour process, as well as mutually shared mental constructs which are embedded in a context of understanding and interpretation. Exploring beyond the meaning of worldwide knowledge as general open access knowledge, this book also discusses barriers to knowledge, problems of transfer, and the influence of governance and control.
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